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September 26, 2023 By InstaPro

A lot of social media apps surround us. These apps can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Some people are interested in getting the latest information on their favorite celebrities. And some people are interested in learning about recently released music or films. Many celebrities in show business, for example, utilize these apps. Instagram has been altered to become Instander. It is an improved version of Instagram. Instander has a badge of verification. You may download any Instagram story or clip using this app.

You can download posts from Instander and store them in your gallery or storage. Instander APK offers the possibility to edit. Furthermore, this modified version gives you additional security. In comparison to the original Instagram, it is preferable overall.


App Name Instander APK
Version v16
App Size 55 MB
Publisher InstaPro
Genre Social
Mod For Android
Version Required 4.4 +
Developer thedise
Last Update September 26, 2023

Review of Instander APK

Users will switch to Instander APK if they desire more features on Instagram. Instander MOD APK users won't encounter any limitations or advertisements. You can just download Instagram videos and photographs using it, but it does let you do that.


You will receive a verified badge when you create an account on this app, and only your Instander users will see it. Because there is no cost to download this app, many people do so. There are several features in this APK Version.


Additionally, this article will teach you how to download Instander APK and the app's features, functionality, and benefits. Once you know these, you'll want to download and use this software.

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Instander APK's Features

The social media app Instander APK is identical to Instagram. It has numerous unique characteristics. Look at these attributes.

Download Pictures and Videos

Instagram is a widely utilized social networking platform. Videos and images from all over the world are available. The drawback of Instagram is that you can’t instantly download videos or photographs and save them to your storage. You must utilize the downloader for this purpose.

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All of these things can be downloaded with the aid of Instander. You must tap on a video or photo, and the downloading icon appears in the corner. Get the media directly into your gallery.

Hiding Stories

Due to privacy concerns, you may occasionally need to conceal your stories, live videos, photographs, and videos. The Instander app has access to this capability. You can conceal it from some people or people in general. You do not, however, have this choice on Instagram.

No Ads

On Instagram, you may come across some adverts in the form of videos and images you won't watch as you scroll. However, there are no adverts in this if you utilize the Instander app. It is among this app's top features.

A History of Posts

You may need to preserve your phone's pictures, videos, and additional space. You can save these images or videos. By entering your account password, you have access to these posts. Your live videos can also be archived, in addition.

Employ Ghost Mode

There are a few settings that you can modify while using the Instander app. You might occasionally desire to view the experiences of those you don't know. Furthermore, you can read the message covertly. Utilizing the Ghost mode in this program, all of these are achievable.

Sharing Choice

You can turn off this feature if your followers want to keep your stories or posts private from their accounts. This app's wonderful feature is yet another. It is always up to you to enable or disable it.

Save the Stories and Reels

You can download your followers' reels and stories using the Instander MOD APK. As a result, utilizing this software is amazing.

Hide Followers And Likes

You may keep your followers and likes a secret from others with the Instander software. Therefore, this will be the first time anyone else will see this. It is kept private.

Name the DMs

With this program, you can limit Direct Messages. The names of those you want to limit can add. It will prevent them from sending you DMs.

Get the Best Videos Available

You may obtain videos of the highest quality using this version. The quality of downloaded videos is still rather decent.

Use Secretly

You can conceal it thanks to it. It will enable you to comment or like another post anonymously.

Active Instagram Accounts to Find

You are constantly looking for new pals and acquaintances. You can include users who are active on Instagram by using these features. In this method, you also gain more followers.

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Pros of Utilizing Instander APK

The following are a few benefits of this amazing app.

  • Celebs and influencers can follow.
  • You will also receive a confirmed blue tick badge.
  • You can download pictures and videos.
  • You can turn off the viewed message status.
  • You keep stories and reels.
  • It's free to use this software.
  • A helpful interface

These are some benefits that the original Instagram does not offer. Instander APK is a beautiful program you can download and use to your benefit. Boost your Instander performance and stay on the cutting edge with the Instander Apk.

How to Download and Install Instander MOD APK for Android?

The download procedure is straightforward. The link to the APK file is located on this page. You can install this software on your Android device after downloading it. Consider that you must learn how to install it. Observe the directions provided.

  1. Initially, download the software using the provided link.
  2. Go to the Android settings
  3. Activate the Unknown Source checkbox.
  4. Click the Instander app from the downloaded file.
  5. Install the program.
  6. After installation, select "done."
  7. Your Instander is now available for usage.
  8. Utilizing the Instander APK

The finest Instagram substitute is the Instander app. Saying that it is superior to Instagram is acceptable. The Instagram app's original version has only some of the functionality. However, using this software is straightforward. Instander has a simple user interface.

This app is free for everyone to use. To begin with, sign into your account and review each Instander configuration. To view the profile page, tap the three parallel lines. You can adjust the parameters to suit your needs. Other advantages of this program include sharing, downloading, and free advertisements. 

Differences Between the Official Version and the Clone

These apps' differences from one another are listed below.

Defining Clone

Clone is a jam-packed app that allows you to utilize official Instagram and Instander APK software on your device at the same time.

What is Unclone?

You must remove the original Instagram software from your computer before using this package; instead, use the Instander APK.

As a result, the two versions differ in some ways. Although it is a modified version, Instander is superior to the original.

Is it safe to use Instander APK?

The Instander app is secure and safe, yes. Without any doubt, you should download this software. This app is linked to the first version of Instagram. Using and downloading this software is okay. Install it and make use of this app's unique features.


For Instagram users, Instander APK is useful software. It's simple to get this app. Many of its features need to be added to the original Instagram. You will learn many new things when you use this social networking site. If this content was helpful to you, please share your thoughts in the comments section. Your feedback is very important to us.

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